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Beginners’ Question: How Do You Play Sudoku?

Sudoku Game

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games throughout the globe. Many people enjoy the challenge that they get with it. This said puzzle is so well-known that even those people who have not tried answering or completing a single Sudoku puzzle have at least an idea about what Sudoku is. However, most people have this very common misconception that Sudoku is a game which requires the player some advanced mathematical skills to complete it. With this notion in mind, people who are not really lovers of math start to give up the idea of trying to understand the puzzle and even fail to ask the question “How do you play?”. But before we answer that question, let us feed our minds first with some interesting information about Sudoku.

How do you play?

It all started in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. A group of Japanese puzzle-makers designed this number-filling puzzle and named it Sudoku, which means “single number”. In 1986, Sudoku is already known not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world after its first appearance in a local Japanese newspaper. Sudoku’s challenging and entertaining nature made it very much wanted and played by Sudoku enthusiasts not only in Japan but in many countries as well. Completing a single Sudoku puzzle proves to be very stimulating in the mind since one should incorporate analytical abilities and a great amount of patience in order to get it done.

When you begin to complete a Sudoku puzzle, your eyes will be greeted by rows and columns of numbers inside small boxes and blank or unfilled boxes. As mentioned above, the presence of numbers may cause some people to think that Sudoku involves mathematics. The thing is, there are no addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division processes that should be used in a classic Sudoku puzzle.

Sudoku puzzle.

Completing a 9×9-grid puzzle only requires analysis, logic, and patience. Some sets may be easy and fast to complete while others can be very difficult and may take a person a number of hours to get it done. Sudoku is a number-completing puzzle. Thus, your main aim as a player is to complete the number puzzle by putting the right numbers, which range from 1 to 9, inside blank boxes of a 9×9 grid. No single mathematical operation is involved.

Rules are very simple and easy to understand.

1st rule: A number (from 1 to 9) should not appear more than once in each row.
2nd rule: A number (from 1 to 9) should not appear more than once in each column.
3rd rule: A number (from 1 to 9) should not appear more than once in each sub-square (a 3×3 box within the 9×9 grid).

You just have to make sure that each row, column, and sub-square contains a particular number, ranging from 1 to 9, only ONCE. That’s it. Short and simple.

Aside from the classic 9×9 grid Sudoku puzzle, there are also a number of puzzles that bear various grid sizes.

So, how do you play Sudoku?

Playing the game is actually very simple if you follow its rules and stay focused. Of course, you should exercise your mind and use some logic and analysis when playing Sudoku. A great amount of patience will also be very helpful to any player – especially those beginners. There is no age range or age limit in game. Everyone is welcome to try and complete the puzzle. Grab your pencil with eraser now and enjoy filling those boxes and eventually succeed in completing your puzzle.

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